Today’s topic of discussion is very contemporary but simultaneously related to classical ideology i.e. World Government. I have tried my best to give you all, sort of basic information about theoretical part of political science. In this competitive world, people of every country should be aware of what is happening around the world politics because most of us are unaware of it. Don’t worry it won’t become boring because the information that I will provide will be from the point of view of a common man not a student of political science.


When we hear the word Government things that come in our mind has very less to do with its definition . A layman can get confused between government and democracy. But the reality is democracy is a type of government but not the only. Term government is derived from “to govern” i.e. “to rule”. Government is just a group of people working together to run a system smoothly. It’s not always related to a country or so. The body which runs a company is also a government , but of that company . Anyways I assume most you have understood what government we are talking about so we can quickly move on .

There are various forms of government like, monarchy , dictatorship, democracy etc. But we Indians are more known to with democracy and monarchy because one is present and other was our past respectively.


We all have been asked in our school days to define democracy. Most of us have answered it as the rule of people i.e. a form of government in which people rule by their own. This definition is absolutely correct but has some lacunae if we consider different situations. One may question that if India is democratic country and according to this definition democracy is rule by people , so why am not able to participate directly in decision making process. So we need a proper of definition of what actually democracy is ? There are some terminologies after considering those you will get your answers.

  • Political parties
  • Representative
  • Voters
  • Election
  • Parliament
  • Prime minister, Chief minister , MP , MLA , President
  • NGOs

Now we have a better understanding that democracy is a form of government which is elected by the people . Election , voters, representatives have serious role to play in democracy . We voters choose our representative who rules on our behalf , that means we are indirectly participating in decision making. Election is just a way of choosing our representative. But nothing is ideal in this world , situation is not identical in all parts of the world.  And that’s why this question of world Government has arose .

Why do we need global Government?

What would have happened if there was no central government in India only different states ruling in their own way . It would have created a lot of problems like no proper coordination , economic miss-management , border dispute among states, currency problem, river water issues , travel and transportation issues , migration issues and many more . But wait a second aren’t these issues prevailing in the society , yes you got it right . We are dealing these issues on international level and now you know the reason why is it so? i.e. lack of international government. The director general of WHO has said the virus is not the major problem , lack of international government and solidarity is. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

If asked about why a democratic  government is needed one would answer that it will do justice to all , a monarch or a dictator cannot think of whole population properly. Democracy is not just limited to do justice. That means justice has no independent existence . If read in order Liberty , equality , rights , justice combines give democracy a meaning.

  • Liberty, is a simple word which means freedom. Liberty is of two types namely  Negative liberty and Positive liberty . Simply understanding , Negative liberty puts obligations on state to not to interfere in the will of a person whatever he/she wants to do and in Positive liberty state has obligations to protect community good and frame a system so that an individual can do whatever best he can do.
  • Equality , means equal distribution of resources. But think of a situation in which a differently abled person has to travel in bus , he would require special treatment by bus driver and conductor. Here the special treatment might seem to be incorrect in the sense equality is not done to all. But ethically ,he should not be denied to this opportunity. Here in equality we have two important theories of equality of opportunity and equality of outcome .
  • Justice, it has negligible individual existence . When Liberty is given then it’s said justice is served , similarly if equality is maintained in society , justice is served.  
  • Rights , it is completely dependent on all the above theories . If someone’s rights are served it is said justice have prevailed. Right to freedom and Right to equality are fundamental rights. So it also has its relation with Liberty and equality.

All of these theories are basics that everyone should know . Now we will encroach more on justice . Why justice is necessary at global level ? There are ethical grounds on which you can justify this . Justice at global level regardless to nationality should be our main focus.

Need of global justice

  • Many burning problems have global scope . Like hunger , poverty, rights of minority, warfare, terrorism, climate changes etc. These issues are not only of domestic significance but more of international . We all know that Africa is a very poor continent hunger is still a major issue . Terrorism is the most burning issue which needs to handled properly and quickly and that can only be done by global coordination.
  • Global problems can only be tackled by cooperation by people across the globe.
  • It would be unethical to talk about justice in domestic affairs but overlook global unjust order.
  • Globalization has made the world a global village.
  • Our responsibility towards other people not limited by territory of nation . On humanitarian grounds we should come forward to tackle the situation.

Key issues

There are many issues on which whole world is debating to form a global Government.

  • What shall be the unit of consideration. Unit of consideration has a meaning on national level i.e. we voters are units of our government , we take the sole benefits of government policies. Government makes rules for the betterment of our life. But at global level unit of consideration is still a debatable topic. What should be the unit of consideration? A state like India , US, China etc. , People or community like Christianity , Islamic , Hindu , Blacks , Whites etc. Or the Individual . If we watch closely to United Nations (UN) here members are individual states like India China USA etc. But it didn’t succeed in fulfilling its goals. The rule of permanent and temporary members has created selfishness and a situation of very complicated dirty politics that we call as diplomacy.
  • How and who enforce global justice? The most debatable and controversial issue . Each country thinks of their own people and there is nothing wrong in it. But the question is how can we form a global Government without putting our self interest aside . It isn’t that much easy that it seems to be .
  • Equality of opportunity and equality of outcome for global issues. If we think each country as a nuclear family. If family A has 2 earning persons and earns a lot of money , but family B has only 1 with less income . Family A has car , bike , AC etc. But family B lacks these things . Put yourself as a member of family A , will you give your car to family B just because they don’t have , you will say no , because it has been bought by my family with our income how can we just give to them. Now if we change the situation little bit . Imagine family A and B live together as joint family . Now I think it would be easier for family B to utilise some essential things that they individually could never have afforded. This is the conclusion of all of our discussion .

Still we will be stuck in the same situation in which we will ask ourselves , are we that much weak that we aren’t able to help those who don’t have anything to survive upon ?





Manik Prasad

My name is Manik Prasad and I am a learning teenager aspiring for UPSC , so I am here to share some of my experiences and challenges regarding this field.

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