WordPress Website v/s Coded Website

WordPress Website v/s Coded Website

Whether you make WordPress Website or Coded Website (using html, css, js) what will be your motive ? your motive will be to make a website that is unique, secure, favourable in nature for you & your viewers as well. Also, it should  be in your budget  etc..There can be several purposes and requirements ,all depends on you.

Before seeing the comparisons of both you should know about :
web development and
how to build your website

We can compare  coded website & WordPress website on the basis of:

Time taken to create website

you can build website in  maximum one hour only with the help of WordPress but it will take minimum 1 week to build coded website.

Budget for website

Plug-ins and themes are not free in WordPress, you have to pay for it but if you don’t want to spend money then web development will help you a lot. Again, what if you don’t like any plug-in then by doing coding you can create your own plug-in and that will be more better and fair option.

‘plug-ins and themes are not free’ does not make any sense. Those plug-ins which are better and have more complexity will be more expensive, some of the plug-ins will be less expensive but some plug-ins are available for free also, you can use that if you have low budget .


One’s choice can also depend on type of businesses , if your business is to promote your products or you have  to do blogs or any other business like this then you can simply create a WordPress website.

But if your business is your main job then you should make coded website i.e by coding, because it will contain lots of sensitive data. If you will make website on WordPress then all your data will be on WordPress server and if any security problem will arise then your data will be on hold and can easily be accessible to hackers. In case of your own coded Website, all your data will be on your own server & even if security problem will arise then you will be able to fix it properly and your data will remain safe.

Types of website

What if you have to make a video streaming websites, social media platforms like Facebook , or any other website in that matter then what will you do? you will have to make coded Website ,there is no choice here because these type of sites contains sensitive data too and you should have your own server in that case.

Gaming website

If you have to make JavaScript game website then also making website by your own source code will be better choice. Plug-ins for games are present there in  WordPress ,you can make game by their use but problem may happen when they have some bug in their source code and game will start to lag, in that case it will hard to fix them by yourself and it will take time to fix them. So, it will be better choice  to make game by writing your own source code & if any bug will occur in your game then you will be able to identify it easily and  fix it.


Both the ways, websites on WordPress & website by coding (html,css,js) are good & fruitful. you can make website by any method. For any purpose, you can make website by either way . WordPress have almost all type of plug-ins ,you can choose any and can explore and if you don’t like any of them then you have choice of coding too, go make it by doing coding .

Despite of their pros and cons you should do learn both ways. If you you have less time then you can learn WordPress method & make your website and after that learn web development WordPress and when you will be confident enough to build website by coding then make website and migrate your WordPress website to your self made website.

Or if you have ample amount of time with you then go and explore both ways and choose one of them from your own experience.

There is some more benefit of learning web development ,you can do freelancing jobs after learning this but you can’t do freelancing on learning WordPress.

Hope you understood

Don’t let anything to stop you from achieving your goals..

Learn about web development……..

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