Web development

Web development

Web development is the technology that let us develop websites and give knowledge about how information are gathered at your computer when you visit site ,from where it is gathered ,also how you are able to run same sites on your PC ,laptops ,tablet ,and on your phones without losing any part of the site.

Web development consists of three parts i.e. frontend development, backend development, and management of server. There is some myth that if you will master frontend and backend then you will be a web developer, but this is not fully truth, you have to master both with some management of server.

Frontend development

As per its name it deals with front(client) side of any site. In this we deal with scripting of contents, how the content will look like, what will be its color and how it will react on clicking any button on that page.
To learn this development you have to follow below two steps :


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

It basically helps us to script the site. helps us to write the content whatever we want on the page. with this we can create links, paragraphs, fix image , buttons ,forms, lists, tables, etc.
It includes knowledge of HTML 5, Google Fonts, Google Map, and Google Charts.

CSS (cascading Style Sheets)

It basically helps us to decide that how our webpage will look like i.e. color of texts of heading, color of paragraph, size of the text, background-color or background-image of web page and also decide the positions of image ,text etc.. and many more things like designing can be done with help of CSS.
It also let us know about CSS3 Icons(CSS Icons).

After learning and doing few projects of HTML and CSS you should go to JavaScript.


Don’t get confused with JAVA and JavaScript.
JavaScript can work as both scripting and programming language. This is basically the reaction(as like human reaction) of the frontend. It helps us to create that what will happen when we do something ( like what will happen when we click submit button of forms. ) . it is also useful in backend development.
It has some versions also like ECMASCRIPT 5, ECMASCRIPT 6., and the newest version is ECMASCRIPT 6 (includes some improvement of older JavaScript).
Now after gaining basic knowledge, time to go deeper and learn some frameworks….


• On CSS side you should learn at least one framework “Bootstrap / Material Design” ,these help us to build a responsive web page (web page compatible with pc, laptop ,mobile, tablet etc.)
• On the JavaScript side you should learn at least one modern framework React.js , Angular.js ,jQuery , Vue.js .
Follow the below chart for details –

frontend development flow-chart/theblogy
frontend development flow-chart

Backend development

As per its name it deals with back side(server side ) of website .it is that deep side of website that you can’t see with your eyes and most important side – if you won’t manage it properly, your site will crash.
There is only one step of learning Backend ,and the languages you have to learn are :
1. SQL (Structured Query Language)
2. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
3. ASP (active server pages )
It makes the managing of database easier, and also it is easy to learn
also. • MySQL ( My Structured Query Language)
• Node.js
• Mongo.db
Only learning all this is not the end, you have to practice a lot and need to learn the others languages also like JAVA, RUBY, C#. etc. because to make server more and more strong you need a lot of knowledge.
While learning backend you will also learn server management by the time.
Now we are familiar with how to approach and question which now come in mind is, from where we should learn this course.

sites to learn web development

There are some online platforms and here is their list :
1. Geeksforgeeks
2. edX
3. Coursera
These above sites provide free courses but if you need certificate then they will charge for it .these sites are best sites to learn online courses.
1. udemy (also one of best the sites and cheaper also)
2. Sololearn app (totally free)
3. Youtube (free)
Among all of the above site I will personally recommend Geeksforgeeks. It provides really the best notes of courses .( no promotion).

As we know “Rome wasn’t built in a day” like that it will take time to strong your knowledge in web development ,and it will depend on your practice in improving your skills.
Web development is a big domain and you can’t be a good web developer in a week or even in a month, it will take one or two year ,depending on your consistency. And if you make it properly you will earn a lot because it has too much scope.

Hope you understood well and will learn it properly.


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