Technology: A boon or bane?

Technology: A boon or bane?

we are living in a world which is full of technology and technology has become the essential need of people in the world. We can access any information in a single click on the internet. Today we are going to discuss different aspects of technology in different fields.

First of all let’s discuss the effect of technology on child and their education.

If we observe the education system of world, then we see now online platforms for education are rising at a rapid rate. Many schools, colleges, and coaching are taking classes online or shifting from offline to online due to which one can get benefited all over the world without any physical barrier. There are also great platforms like YouTube etc where educators provide quality education free of the cost, only you need is an internet connection to access those content. The child who belongs to the poor family also able to get access to this type of content due to these platforms. But it has also some disadvantages. Interaction between students and teachers are decreasing day by day due to the involvement of technology in education. Harmful radiation that comes out from these gadgets also harms our eyes and health.let’s discuss the story of the CEO of the Apple Steve jobs and CEO of the Microsoft Bill gates. In an interview steve jobs Apple CEO, until his death said that he prohibited his kids from using the newly released iPad. he also said he limits how much technology our kids use at home. Bill gates said once his daughter developed the habit of playing a video game so he didn’t let his kid get cell phones until they turned 14. Many researchers also show the learning power of this child is decreasing nowadays due to excessive use of technology.

Effect of technology on a adult and their work.

Technology has advanced the life of every people. Earlier we have to stand in long queues to withdraw money from the banks, to issues reservation ticket from the ticket counter and to buy groceries from the shop but nowadays we can transfer money from one account to another in a single second, can book online tickets in no time and even buy grocery, gadget, etc from online stores of the standard quality at a reasonable price. Gadgets like mobile phones and laptops help people to communicate with each other.people are also connected through the many social media where we can share our view. there are also many platforms like Quora where you can share your experience on a particular question or topic. technology has other sides also. According to research, Technology is decreasing the attention time span of the people, making their strategy on this type of research many companies like TikTok, etc Social platform which provides 10 to 15-second video is becoming very famous. People sitting in front of each other don’t talk but busy operating mobile phones.

At last I want to say it is a game of balancing. It depends on you how to use the technology and how much to use the technology and technology is boon for any person in the world as long as it is your slave not you become the slave of the technology.

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