Positive effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on India

Positive effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on India

The whole world is currently facing a common enemy, known as COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Countries are on lockdown to keep their citizens safe from this deadly virus, India is also one of them. In India, the cases of COVID-19 is increasing day by day & the country is facing several problems like economic problems, problems in transportation, problems in supply of food grains, etc. only because of this virus. But, As we all know “Every Coin has two sides”, this pandemic has also some positive effects other than many negative effects  on India, in fact on the whole planet. On the one hand, people are living indoors because of the lockdown, so that chances of getting infected from the virus could be avoided & on the other hand, Air pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution, Crime rates, etc. are decreasing significantly in India.

Positive effects on Nature

Nowadays, India is on lockdown to keep their citizens safe from Coronavirus and everyone has been advised to stay home. Due to the decision of lockdown by the government of India, we can see many positive effects on our environment. We can also say that nature is reviving itself during this lockdown period. Air has become cleaner and because of that, Himalayan range is now visible from the village of Saharanpur & village of Sitamarhi. Half a year ago, Air pollution in Delhi was on its peak, but due to lockdown, the level of air pollution in Delhi is lowest as compared to past decade or longer. Also, water pollution is decreasing significantly during this lockdown period. Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna have become cleaner. Noise pollution is also low as vehicles on the road are much lesser than before because of the lockdown. Nowadays, Sightings of migratory birds and endangered species is normal, which was very rare before the lockdown.

Crime Incidents in the country have become rarer

After the Lockdown has been announced in the country, Crime rates in the country have decreased significantly. Crime Incidents in the places like Delhi & Gurugram have become rarer nowadays. Delhi police have been reported only 2000 cases including theft & robbery since 15 March, 2020, which is really a good sign as our national capital is also known for its high rate of crimes. A data represents that there is 42% sharp drop in the crime incidents in Delhi, which is a massive drop. Along with Delhi, Crime rates in other states & union territories have also seen a massive drop.


The planet Earth is not only for humans. Different types of species also live on this planet. This virus has given we, human beings a reality check that how we are destroying our planet Earth since very long. And, we can see our planet reviving itself during this lockdown period. We can see different species now & then, who were almost endangered, during this time. The outbreak of this virus has also taught some valuable lessons to us, For e.g., The Virus doesn’t discriminate among rich & poor, Hindus & Muslims, Black & white. So, why should we discriminate among ourselves?. When the situation will become normal, I hope that we human beings will understand these things & change our lifestyle in such a way so that there should be no damage to the nature, no damage to the planet earth, other species could also live happily on this planet & also no discrimination among ourselves.

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My name is AMARTYA, and I am currently pursuing B.A.LL.B. from Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. As a law student, I am interested in public speaking & content writing.

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    Well written with data and facts.

  2. Hani shahi
    Hani shahi

    “The planet Earth is not only for humans”
    Right say buddy..
    Btw,this article is really good one.👌👌

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      Amit Singh

      Nice thought, positive effects are good but i think it is for certain time because if lockdown will extend more then due to hunger of poor peoples crime rates and other things will increase.

    2. Amartya

      Thanks Brother..

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    Yash Rajput

    Brilliantly written!

  4. vikram

    You expressed it in right way .. badhiya hai..
    and hope we would learn from this pandemic..

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    Yash Rajput

    Superbly written!

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    Well written👍

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    Great 👏👏

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    Avinash Kumar

    Very well written and expressed with all the data required, crime rates are inevitable to rise for eg, domestic violence cases have risen all time high and after all this menace gets over there will be hell lot of other cases as well.

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