India and its Neighbours

India and its Neighbours

Current World Political Order

Amidst the current situation, politics across India and its neighbours are quite prevalent everywhere.When we hear the word politics most of us become ignorant of it , because we all are fed up with all the political dramas that happen in regular interval in our country. And those who are interested in it tend to create their own political boundaries of ideology in their mind and discuss all the matter in public and dissent is treated not less than an infidel when it takes a communal turn. But when it is on India we all are united despite of this variability in faith, culture etc.

But where do we stand on global stage is very unknown to many of us. This blog will be based on current scenario around India. So let’s get started.

Politics across boundary

There are two basic types of relations between two countries, first one is bilateral ties and other is strategic relations.  In the former two countries share economic ties in various fields like energy, defense, education, etc. In the later, we also share the same. But the difference is a strategic partner maintains relation over alliances and treaties i.e. a treaty can be surpassed if both the strategic partners agree upon it, for mutual benefits. One the best example of it in present time is, despite of huge burden of sanctions on Iran, India continues to work on its Chabahar deal . It is special treatment of US towards India. There is very less chance of a strategic partner to turn foe in long term. We had strategic partnership with Russia and various other countries. And with whom we are now completely depend on current situation.  So basically bilateral ties are possible with arch-enemies like Pakistan , China etc. by keeping our eyes away from boundary relation while trading.

India’s relation with different countries

 It would not be wrong if I say today’s world is more Asia centric than any other continent. It’s because of presence of major economic players like China, India, Japan , South Korea and a economically very relevant group ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) which is a very thriving economy collectively. Broadly speaking we Indians have very good relation with many countries in the world . India as a market attracts many countries irrespective of their relations with us. We will be discussing every case separately. And you will get to know how China’s intervention has deteriorated our relation with many countries. I will try my best to put forward best perspective of the scenario.

India and Pakistan

Our relation with Pakistan is not unknown to anyone, we have engaged ourselves in war in various occasions and till now we are living in mutual suspect situation. Trust is just a word in our relation . Espionage is very common thing. But what are the reasons of tension now?

1. Kashmir issue , it’s not a new dissent among us. Pakistan’s claim for it is ever since it’s establishment as a country. This is the sole reason why we are having other problems. Changing the status of Jammu and Kashmir i.e. revoking the article 370 which provided special treatment to it and having its own constitution.

2. Cross border terrorism, a very dirty tactics used by Pakistan’s intelligence and army is also not a hidden fact .

CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)
CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

3. CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) , it is a part of BRI ( Belt and Road Initiative) a very ambitious project of China to construct transportation system connecting various region directly to China .

China's belt and Road initiative
China’s belt and Road initiative

4. Construction of Diamer-Basha Dam in Chilas , Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir . India has always opposed and tried to block any funding by UN in PoK , but this time it will be privately funded by China , still we have strongly opposed it’s validity as it belongs in disputed territory and matter of our sovereignty.  

Diamer-Basha Dam in Chilas
Diamer-Basha Dam in Chilas

5. It’s not easy to discuss each and every issues that we are having with Pakistan so moving on other neighbouring countries.

India and Sri Lanka

In the course of China’s policy of containing India , Sri Lanka fell into the hands of clever technique of colonising a territory by China. A small country like Sri Lanka was shown dreams of having most important and busiest port of Indian Ocean , by giving them a huge loan , it’s better to say debt trap, to build it .

1. I am discussing none other than the Humbantota port, which has been taken on lease by China for 100 years and China has stationed it’s navy there.

Humbantota port
Humbantota port

2. Another important issue that we face are , problem of fishing in gulf of Mannar. It seems like both the countries don’t share physical boundary but we are very close to each other , separated by a narrow gulf known as Gulf of Mannar. It is very rich in aquatic resources which attracts fishermen of both countries . But this freedom also makes it safe heaven for smugglers . And in this suspicion many innocent fishermen get caught by both the countries many times. The exchange of caught fishermen is common for both countries now.

3. We have a bitter past with Sri Lanka on Tamil , Sinhala issue. Tamils are minority among Sinhalese community and often get suppressed by majority section. Indian Tamils have their emotional attachment with them because of linguistic and cultural similarity. During civil war times in Sri Lanka many a times criticised India for favouring Tamil side , but now it’s a history .

India and Nepal

Nepal is the best example to show how a communist regime is loyal to another powerful regime. It may be personal beliefs of Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli or the party as whole. After summarising present situation  it is clear that our relation with Nepal is worst since independence.

1. We share common cultural ties as Hinduism is major religion in both the countries . We also have great mythological ties. It is believed Sita , wife of God Shree Ram , belonged to Janakpur which is situated in modern day Nepal. This attracts religious tourism from both the countries to other . But this thing has also come in danger .

Nepal PM K.P oli
Nepal PM K.P oli

PM Oli in his speech claimed the existence of real Ayodhya in Nepal near Birgunj. This step was heavily criticised among the Hindu community all over world.

2. Tussle for power in Nepal between Mr Oli and Mr Pusp Kamal Dahal popularly known as Prachand ,

Mr Pusp Kamal Dahal aska Prachand- Former nepal PM
Mr Pusp Kamal Dahal aka PrachandFormer nepal PM

former two time Prime Minister and head of Communist Party of Nepal. Both of them are having different political stance while treating India and has criticised Mr Oli’s step many times . Apart from,these dissent both had a deal of sharing the chair of Prime Minister before making pre poll merger of two parties having identical ideological stance. Mr Oli was asked to vacate the seat for Prachanda but he denied to do so.

3. Chinese intervention in stabilizing Nepali communist party is not a hidden fact now. Chinese ambassador to Nepal , Hou Yanqi

Hou Yanqi-Chinese ambassador to Nepal
Hou Yanqi-Chinese ambassador to Nepal

has a major role to play in it. When Oli’s chair was in trouble , she did series of meetings with Nepali communist party members to keep Oli in power. Now Mr Oli is stuck in under the weight of this help .

India and Bhutan

There are very few countries in the world which understands the importance of sovereignty and independence and Bhutan is one of them which recognises the clever technique of debt trap by China.

1. Bhutan formally know as the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan , has been a integral partner of India . British India was the protector of the Kingdom and that existed long time after independence also.

2. India’s investment in Bhutan’s various hydroelectric projects also connect us , as we are the sole buyers of that electricity . Now both countries are doing first time joint venture i.e. both will share fifty percent of share of construction. This leads to engagement of Bhutanese people and step towards it development and self reliance.

Bhutan king with PM Modi
Bhutan king with PM Modi

3. We have handled their foreign affairs and defence for a long time so they are more connected with us than China. They also suspect China because of their expansionist policy .

4. China recently claimed Sakteng  Sanctuary of Bhutan. It was great surprise for all of us as this sanctuary don’t share boundary with China in any direction. China’s view here is , Arunachal Pradesh is part of China and India is illegal player in it and China and Bhutan has never decided it’s Arunachal Bhutan boundary and hence it’s disputed territory and fund cannot be allocated for the development of this sanctuary.

India and Bangladesh

Bangladesh pm with PM Modi
Bangladesh pm with PM Modi

Bangladesh has been a close ally of India since it’s separation from Pakistan. Earlier there we two Pakistan , namely East and West. The main leadership of Pakistan was settled in Western part. Eastern part was more of less ignored while decision making process . They felt their cultural ties are not same , both are linguistically separated . And the step of West Pakistan to make Urdu their main language and not giving importance to Bangla language , added fuel to fire . Then the struggle for its independence began just couple of decades after our freedom from British. In year 1971 they got formally separated from the former Pakistan. India played a major role in this process . Indira Gandhi is given credit for being a Iron Lady and helping Bangladesh to get independence. This help has continued to have significance in the relationship of both the democracies. But the conflict on the issue of religion is still active. It was formerly a secular state which was later removed from their constitution in 1977 and Islam was declared major religion of Bangladesh. This has led to conflict between both the countries over security of Hindu community living there. India later amended it’s citizenship laws and provided easier route for minorities living in Bangladesh , Pakistan and Afghanistan to get formal citizenship of India. Despite of these dissents we share a good relation with each other .

In this blog I have tried to include almost every diplomatic situation that we are handling right now with our neighbours. In the next blog the main focus will be towards India-China-US policies. I have tried my best to provide authentic informations . Pardon if any of them is incorrect in your view I will try to improve in my upcoming blogs. Comment section is all your and  suggestions always appreciated .

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