How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing.

In this Blog , we read about How to Get started with affiliate Marketing from basic to advance.

Affiliate marketing industry in India is expected to grow 27% percent per year to touch USD 835 million in 2025 from USD 96 million in 2016,  according to the report.

Affiliate marketing spending in the united states increases by 10.1% every year, number will reach up to $6.82 billion in 2020.

affiliate-marketing spending statistics
source – statistics

If you want to part of such multi-dollar industries. learn basic to advance about affiliate marketing in this blog and start earning from affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process in which you earn commission by selling or generating traffic to seller website by your own referral or affiliate link. A referral link is a unique link provided by the seller to affiliate to track the record of their sales.

 Affiliate link.
Amazon referral or affiliate link.

If anyone reaches seller website from your affiliate referral link, seller gets notified and reward you commission. you get our own referral link when you register yourself for affiliate program of sellers. you can promote physical or digital products depending upon our niche.  As an affiliate, you are an intermediate link between sellers and consumers. You act as a salesperson for the company. But as a salesperson, you are not only bound to promote products of one company, you can do for many companies.  Affiliate helps the seller to sell more products and in exchange the seller rewards commission to affiliate.

How does affiliate marketing works?

 In working of affiliate marketing, 3 parties which are involved are:-

Sellers :–

1. seller wants to reach more people and sell more products to earn profits.

2. They have many options to boost sales like run ads on television, youtube, Facebook, search engine, etc. one of the many ways is affiliate marketing. sellers prefer affiliate marketing because it saves the cost of running adds and also saves time of seller to manage these adds. Affiliates do all work on behalf of sellers.

3. In affiliate marketing, affiliates promote seller products and sellers have to only pay affiliate, then affiliate sells products or generate traffic to seller page.

Affiliates :-

working of affiliate marketing.
working of affiliate marketing.

1.  Affiliates recommend the products or services to followers through website, Blog, email marketing, social media, etc.

2.  Their followers purchase the product or service using affiliate or referral link

3.  Affiliate get commissions for sales made using their affiliate link.

Consumer :-

1. They are a buyer of products. Both upper 2 parties, seller and affiliate work to reach potential consumers and sell products.

2.  whether consumers know or not known, their most purchases are driven by affiliate marketers.

How much money I can Earn From Affiliate marketing?

There is no limit. It totally depends on our niche, our traffic, on which platform you are doing affiliate marketing and how much time you are putting in affiliate marketing and many more factors.

Top affiliate markets of world earn 6-7 figures in dollars per month.

You can check income of some top affiliate marketers by visiting their website.

1.       Pat Flynn –

2.       Ryan Robison –

How to Get started with affiliate marketing?

It is one of the most important questions when you are going to start affiliate marketing. Here is the answer for you.

Follow these 6 steps to get success in affiliate marketing.

1. Decide platform

If you are just going to start your affiliate marketing career, first decide on which platform you are going to promote products of sellers.

you can do affiliate marketing on your website by writing great blog about products and services and embedding your affiliate can also use widget and banner provided by our sellers to attract the audience about that product.

This banner is provided by Bluehost to affiliate to embed in post and make post attractive.

Youtube can be also chosen as platform for affiliate marketing. You can review products on youtube and paste your affiliate link in description.

 thumbnail used by youtubers to do affiliate .
This type of thumbnail used by youtubers to do affiliate .
Affiliate link in youtube Description
Affiliate link in youtube Description

You can even do affiliate marketing on Instagram. Many celebrities do post what product they use and influence people to buy .If you are just starting affiliate marketing on Instagram, post image or video on Instagram and add affiliate link in bio.

Affiliate Link in Instagram Bio
Affiliate Link in Instagram Bio

There are many platforms, decide which one suits you.

2. Choose your niche.

While deciding niche for your website, please keep in mind these factors.

  1. select low competition niche- Select low competition niche because at time of beginning you have not proper audience or followers. so, you want to rank on search results to reach more audience. For this, you have to choose low competition niche so you rank on search results and easily build your audience without any competition.

 2. High search volume – you will able to do profitable affiliate marketing, only if you are driving traffic to your platform. If search volume of your niche is high, then there is more chance that more audiences visit your platform. For this, you need low competition and a high search volume niche at the beginning. you can use free SEO tools like uber suggest to know about search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC.

uber suggest
uber suggest

3. High commission – select high commission niche, so you get more commission even you sell small no of product.By this, you will to earn more money. you can visit affiliate website to know about commission.

Amazon affiliate commission.
Amazon affiliate commission.

4. Choose a niche on which you are really interested, otherwise you not able to continue for long time.

Let’s conclude all above points with a proper  example.

let’s , you are thinking of just stating a laptop or mobile review website. if you do so, there is very low chance that our website will rank on search engine because there is already lakhs of websites are available in search engine on this niche with high domain rating, high numbers of backlinks, etc. if you will not able to rank on search engine, no traffics come to your website and no traffic means, you not able to reach people and promote product as an affiliate and not able to earn commission.Here problem arises because you have chosen a niche that has high competition. At a beginning, where your domain rating, backlinks, etc is very less, you try to compete with high domain rating website. So, avoid these mistakes and follow upper steps. so, you rank and earn more money.

3. Research and find affiliate programs according to your niche.

There are many affiliate programs, but you have to select one or more affiliate programs according to your can find affiliate programs by just simple searching on a google your niche + affiliate program. If your niche is related to hosting, type hosting affiliate program, and google searches best affiliate program for you.

Also take care that you don’t divert from your niche during selecting affiliate program. Let you are running a dog-related website. Now product  which may you do affiliate is dog foods, dog care equipment, dog houses,  etc. After doing research on many different affiliate sites, choose affiliate sites which is authentic and provide better commission on these dog’s products.Not promote products on your website which is not related to your niche because you have audiences of a particular niche and if you start promoting products of another niche, there is very now chances anyone is going to buy.

Some popular affiliate program.

If you want to do affiliate of physical product , you can make your account on:-

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program

The Amazon Affiliate program, or Amazon Associates, is an amazon affiliate marketing program.  It is free for all to become Amazon advertise products of amazon on their sites by creating links. When customers click the affiliate links and buy products from Amazon, you earn commission. They have wide ranges of of products from baby diapers to laptops ,etc. you can explore by just going to amazon website.

Amazon affiliate
Amazon affiliate

Like Amazon, there is many affiliate site .just explore and find affiliate which suit you and doing affiliate of product according to our niche.some examples are:-

physical affiliate
popular affiliate program provider.

Ebay Affiliate program

Walmart Affiliate program

Aliexpress Affiliate program

you can also do affiliate of digital products. commission rate on digital products is very high. usually commission rate on digital products vary from 40% to 60%. Some popular website to do affiliate of digital products are:-

Affiliate for digital products categories Cj, JVZoo, Clickbank

clickBank affiliate
ClickBank affiliate

In hosting category :- Site ground , Blue host , etc

In video editing category :- Adobe , Flimora

In seo tools category:- Semrush , SEOprofiler

If you have other category, search your category + affiliate program on google, google find for you.

you can check their affiliate website to know more details and commission about their program by just clicking on link.

4. Create unique and great content.

I want to say you a quote “ content is king” which is used by many affiliates or digital have to create great content related to your affiliate product. It may be blog telling about product features, maybe blog reviewing about products, maybe youtube video about features and review and products. It may on any platform, doesn’t matter and matter is that your content must useful to consumers or audience.Do not promote products which is not beneficial for people and products that you don’t know personally.

5. Drive traffics  to your site.

This is a very broad domain, one complete blog can be written on this topic. But we understand this in short and simple ways.As, we are choosing your niche which has high search volume, low competition, high commission, so already we have done a half and more job. now we have to do only,Create unique contents on affiliate product and take care of on-page and off-page SEO, backlines, etc and in beginning share your content on your social media can also do email marketing to drive traffic to your site.

If content is unique(plagiarism-free ) and full of quality and you have followed upper steps  . then you start driving your traffic in approx. 2-3 months. and start earning.

6. Get clicks and convert clicks to sell.

If you start driving traffic to your website, but you get profit only when audiences click on your affiliate link.

 Now, the question arises why audiences click on your affiliate link and buy products?

If you’re simply sharing your affiliate link on website, no one is going to buy. You must provide some value to the consumer .example- if you are promoting a laptop you must write about that laptop share your review ,etc. There you have to convince people to buy this product.

The answer is simple, if you are earning profit from customers then,  you have to also pay back some profits or benefits to customers. Means if you convert our affiliate marking in mutual benefits, Then customers are going to buy from your affiliate link.

let’s understand with an example.

Shyam is running a website in which he reviews about various web hosting available in the internet and also embed his affiliate link in the content.  he also gives some offer to his customers like if his customers buy from his affiliate link, customers get 10% off or  20% cashback and he gives this cashback to customers from his affiliate commission. sometimes, he also helps in step-up of his customers website who buy from his affiliate link.In this way,  customers and shyam both  get benefitted.

Why affiliate marketing is important for us.

Affiliate marketing can act as your full time business or part time business. In this section, we are mainly going to discuss about part time affiliate marketing. It act as a passive source of income for you. let’s understand with example.If you are a blogger and you have own website ,where you write article on a different topics.if you are investing your previous time in Blogging ,  you must desire that blogging must  give you some profits.there is many ways to earn from blogging but two most popular ways to earn  is  Google Adsense and  Affiliate marketing.

By affiliate marketing,  you write article giving focus on your affiliate product and earn profit.You can on 0 k to infinite depending on your potential, your content,  your way of convincing.

Precaution during Affiliate marketing.

Don’t promote the product which you can’t trust because  affiliate marketing is all  about building trust.If anyone is buying from your suggestion/ review, he is trusting  you ,don’t break them.

Don’t promote the product that is not related to your article on niche. e.g- if your article is related to the dog and you start promoting digital software, none is going to buy. You should promote products related to your niche.

If you are a beginner, don’t go on high competition niche like mobile phones ,  laptop,  etc. common beginner start promoting mobiles and thinks their website rank and start earning .There is very little chance your website will rank because many Tech Gaints with high domain authority already ranking and doing affiliate of mobiles.

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