Harsh reality of life

Harsh reality of life

Life never stops and keep going on. We see all the ups and down in this life only. It’s important to know the harsh reality of life and then react accordingly. Actually, these things are experienced by everyone at proper stages of life. But we all expect that, hopefully if I know it prior, then situation would be different today. Let’s begin then…

You must have encountered number of friends by now. How many of them are still in touch with you? Or, had you tried to be in contact with them? Or, do you really want to be in contact with them? I hope you have understood my point of asking these questions. The harsh truth is, you can’t be in contact with everyone. And, these things don’t happen one-sided. Suppose if you have shown interest in someone, the vice-versa need not be the same. Friendship is a two way thing. Both have to be interested and needs effort for healthy relationship. Friends will come and go. Don’t make it serious with everyone. Make some life long friends and rest friends for benefit, that’s the harsh reality of life.

You won’t always get what you expect from this life. Life can be beautiful and disastrous at times. Life never stops. So we have to remember the healthy moments and move on. As said, fortune favors the brave. So, be brave and push yourself beyond limits.

Don’t expect anything from anybody. Suppose you have started something fresh and want peoples to support you. Most of them don’t cares. Moreover, if 1 people motivates you then 10 will demotivate you, that’s the harsh reality of life. You have to admit it and ultimately “Believe in yourself”.

Try to avoid negative things happening around you. Don’t affect yourself by the false things happening everyday. Negative things will happen and at times, you have to be a part of it. But don’t affect yourself by these things. Be with peoples who creates good vibes around you and acts as stressbusters.

Most of us at some stage of life have to be with a better half. It’s important to realize, the perfect partner don’t exist. You have to be with someone who is more compatible with you, like minded and can compromise at times.

Harsh reality of life

You can’t make everyone happy and satisfied. Even if you try to do so, you can’t. In a long term, by making other’s happy, you will lose how to make yourself happy.

These two things can both elevate and drop you. It’s patience and attitude. They will uplift you when you have nothing by your side and can drop you to hell if you have everything by your side.

People will not compare you with your previous version. They’ll compare you with whom they want to. They can be sharmaji ka beta or Mark Zuckerberg. Along with ignoring these people, make sure that you compare your current version with previous one and improve accordingly.

From the very beginning, we are living in dreams than reality. Here is the practical example. Why Student of the year earns more than Gangs of Wasseypur on box office. Because everybody of us is living the gangs of wasseypur life but we don’t want to admit that. On contrast, no one ever gonna live student of the year life but everyone wants that.

Don’t complain too much that you end up forgetting your goal. Raise your voice only when it’s required and someone or something is creating or becoming hurdle in your road to success.

Run behind money. There is only 0.1% things which can’t be purchased by money, rest all is accessible.

You are nothing without credibility. Make sure to add some respectable credentials to your profile before addressing the audience because they’ll listen only when you have some.

And, no one is greater than your parents. This doesn’t needs any explanation.

I’ll keep updating it. Till then, cheers!!

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