Corona and World Politics

Corona and World Politics

How world politics is affected by Corona-virus outbreak? Here we will discuss how US and China are putting allegations over one another for spreading this virus from various aspects. In addition to that, what is the role of WHO and various international organizations in it?

New Age?

Corona, the word which is not new to any reader or its better to say anyone in the world. Even the most uneducated section of the society knows about corona. But, can everyone explain what is corona. There are so many stupid things running on digital media that actual facts get buried deep inside. Today I am going to discuss some facts that has important role in international politics. I am leaving upto you to explain why I have put the title “New Age?”. Comment section is all yours after you finish reading.

Few facts about corona

Basically, corona is a type of virus which causes disease like acute respiratory syndrome. Also known as COVID 19(Corona Virus Disease 19). It was officially recognised on 31st December. But why one should worry of a virus. The simple answer is ‘to live’. Even if its mortality rate is low but rate of spread of this virus is very high. People with multiple acute diseases are the one who should worry more. This virus is of same family that caused SARS in the beginning of this century in China. SARS means Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; it causes attacks host’s respiratory organ.

WHO and Corona Politics

This virus has a controversial journey since it’s outbreak from Wuhan a city in Hubei province, China. There has been a lot of political skirmish between China and America and it’s allies. WHO was the epicentre of this skirmish. Leadership of WHO was questioned. I am putting a list of almost every controversial step that world unknowingly ignored while it was happening but now we regret on most of these points if not on every.

  1. China tried to suppress the information about the outbreak in the beginning. We all have heard in news that , when a Chinese doctor tried warn people about the virus his voice was suppressed by the officials.
  2. Role of WHO leadership has been the most controversial thing. All important information about the virus was suppressed. Like, this virus has a high rate of spread which was unknown to other countries.
  3. The appointment of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as WHO Director-General , first African for that post, was backed by African Union. Some of his statements seem to defend China.  Firstly, it was said virus doesn’t spread from human to human interaction. Secondly, Flights should not be stopped from China and assured it won’t virus won’t harm other countries.
  4. Italy, and other European countries. Due to late curb on flights from China to different Countries, Europe became the hub for the virus. Almost 90% of world’s total COVID-19 cases were from Europe. There are few reasons that explains why this condition came to existence. Firstly, tourism of Europe is highest among other competitors. Since no. of tourists are high hence it also included Chinese tourists who carried this virus. Secondly, European Union itself , due to formation of European Union inter-member states travel was very easy. This ease led to ease in spread of virus. Thirdly, since UK left the European Union there is no strong leadership contender so decision-making process was very slow.
  5. Problems in USA and Brazil , if you are curious to know what is the situation of pandemic , then you should know USA and Brazil are the top 2 countries with 18 lacks and 6 lakhs cases respectively. USA has highest mortality rate and no. deaths is above 1 lakh which is a very disturbing data.
  6. USA claimed , Corona virus is not a natural virus, it has been deliberately leaked from the laboratory in Wuhan. Hence US President , Donald Trump called this virus as Wuhan virus with a simple logic of conventional nomenclature , like Ebola is name of river , MERS means Middle East Respiratory Syndrome , Spanish Flue etc.
  7. Reaction of WHO leadership on these allegations are also controversial . Their statements seemed to defend China , it seemed like WHO is official spokesperson for China on this issue.
  8. USA’s announcement  of cutting it’s financial support for WHO which later lead to exit of USA from WHO. This step was a major topic of discussion among the world leaders.
  9. Feeling of anger against China in various Europe Countries. Their stand is to investigate in investigate on this issue and world leaders should come together on this front .
  10. India’s stand on this was very safe . India’s spokesperson said we should not focus on finding out who is the culprit , this situation needs to be handled first. You may feel that this is like we are pulling our hands out of this matter , but we needed this type of steps because we cannot afford a statement against China. 

Role of different Organisations

Now we can roughly understand what are the major political developments during this pandemic situation. Now I will try to put some lights on some international organisations like UN , SAARC , etc.

If I say America and it’s allies it includes UK , France , Germany , Japan , South Korea , Australia and now you can also add India in this list but to be honest India is unable to freely justify the stand of other countries opposing China . You might not have heard of a group named 5 eyes group . It is a group of 5 countries who co-operate with each other in the field of investigation . This group includes  USA , United Kingdom, Canada , Australia , New Zealand. Among these Australia and USA are more vocal in showing their opposition against China’s behaviour.


There is a Quad Group , which includes USA , Australia , India and Japan . This group was formed to regulate the trade in the Indo-Pacific route. Japan’s stance on this issue was similar to that of Australia, it was a very brave step by a country like Japan , which is too small . Japan also urged India to take similar step India seems to be very hesitant in opposing China .

WHO no explanation is needed to explain how the top leadership of WHO behaved in the manner which supported China but still in many aspects WHO is a good organisation. Many of the readers would find this objectionable when I say it is a good organisation . I can clear it out for you. Whole WHO doesn’t only includes leadership , it’s many programs for welfare of humanity is still running at various parts to the world, especially in poor African countries. WHO has a great doctors , scientists, researchers etc working day in and out for making this world better for us . They don’t have any relation with the politics going around them , neither of those poor civilians . Now we are living in the country which has declared itself polio free , we shouldn’t ignore this fact and start hating WHO as a whole .

UN this group has been the most silent group during this pandemic situation.

From here , we can start a fresh new discussion that we will discuss in my next blog . Stay tuned , if you are eager to know more about world politics . Pardon me if you think any of my information provided in my text wrong and try to correct in comment section .

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      Almost true facts about WHO…Really most of the parts of the world hate WHO but the most of program run by WHO is very beneficial for this world.

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