Here is the most valuable and perhaps the most bitter experience of my life which I wanna share.

…So, the day was 14 June 2019. You must be thinking what was so special about that day as I had mentioned in the very first line.

Well, Results of IIT-JEE (Indian institute of technology- Joint entrance exam) was going to be announced on that day and I was least bothered about the same although I was a JEE aspirant from the past three years and preparing for the same miles away from my hometown, the place where thousands of students like me came right after secondary school examination.

Many of you might have guessed it right…. it’s KOTA (city in Rajasthan). Those who have least or negligible idea of that city, let me brief you first. It is the first preference of every science student (most of them) who has dreamt to pursue their carrier in Engineering or Medical.

It is the place where many of them just study day in and day out for a better future irrespective of what happening in the world, what happening in the family and loads of sacrifices at such an early age. Most of them are not mature enough to understand and bear that responsibility and pressure of the institutes (I was one of them). I had also worked hard in my early stages of stay there but Consistency is not everyone’s cup of tea. With a lot of opportunities, a lot of distractions are also there which overpowers my motivation and i ended up as a movie addict. Of course, I made a lot of memories over there but that was not the right time. However, I decided to give myself one more chance i.e. drop a year to prepare for the same.

But the results were not too different from the previous one and I ended up nearly 60k rank in JEE mains and couldn’t cleared the cut-off of JEE advanced. As a result, I was hallucinating with all the wrongdoings that I’ve done so far.

Ashamed to face off my parents and you can expect the reactions from relatives. I was in a state of shock but I know I had to back myself. At last I got a core branch in one of the private colleges (IEM) of West Bengal.

There is a well-known dialogue from TVF web series KOTA FACTORY which is “aap Kota se nikal jate ho par kota aap se nhi nikalta”(“you get out of Kota but Kota remains in you). This one hits very hard if your story is similar to mine.

Now comes the main motivation that provokes me to write an article regarding my experiences. Many of my friends, batch-mates, classmates and seniors say that “memories banao, padhai kaun karta hai college mai”(“make memories, who came college to study”).

I am not a fan of our education system (No debates) but you can’t make memories by taking your studies for granted (Studies here don’t mean college studies. It means skills to enhance your carrier).

I had so many memories of Kota but I don’t want to remember any one of those even in my dreams. It has become a nightmare for me. Now the movies are like a phobia for me.

Things were different if it was a Tier 1 or 2 colleges but we have to compete with millions of us if we want to excel. The placements are not going to be served in our plate, we have to snatch them by our own capabilities.

If you are wondering that how can anyone always indulges in studies, there is a social life for everyone. You are right but you have to sacrifice something to achieve something.

If sacrifices were done at right time then probably you were not here (In Tier 3 colleges).


It makes no sense if you want to compromise your carrier for some short-term stupid “memories making”. Do make it once you’re done with your carrier otherwise those memories became nightmare. Time is limited hence utilize it wisely.

IMAGE SOURCE – https://theterriblememe.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/TVFs-Kota-Factory-Dialogues-5.png

Harsh Raj

Hello readers!! I am Harsh raj currently pursuing my bachelors with major in Electrical Engineering. First of all, I feels privileged to be a part of this community and would like to thank the creator for giving me a chance to share my useful experiences with you all. Precisely, In today's fast moving world, there is not enough time for us to commit mistake and learn from those. Infact we have to learn from other's mistakes and life experiences and implement in our's. With this mind set, I am here to interact with you all.

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    Harsh kumar

    Well explained ! I think after going through such post ,a lot of myths have been cleared now💪👍👍:-)

  2. Hani shahi
    Hani shahi

    “memories banao, padhai kaun karta hai college mai”(“make memories, who came college to study”).

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