Coding ninjas courses

Coding ninjas courses

Now that you’ve planned to learn programming. And had came to know about Coding ninjas courses and want to explore those, here are we to provide you the guidance and of-course the discount coupon.

Coding ninjas review


Coding Ninjas is basically a coding bootcamp where you can enhance your coding knowledge and skills efficiently. A lot of premium courses are offered in this platform which we will see later. Started in 2016, it is now one of the most popular Ed-tech startup for coding related stuffs.

Coding Ninjas courses

You can check out coding ninjas courses here – Coding Ninjas course

Also, here are some of the most frequently taken courses –

  1. C++/Java/Python Foundation with Data Structures
  2. Aptitude Preparation
  3. Competitive programming
  4. System design
  5. Operating System
  6. Interview preparation
  7. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  8. Data Science and Machine learning complete
  9. Android development using Kotlin
  10. Full stack development using ReactJS

If you have made up your mind, then you can get additional discount by clicking here and enrolling in any one of the Coding ninjas courses. Click here to get instant discount.

Scholarship tests and coupon code

Now, Coding Ninjas are conducting Scholarship tests almost every or alternate month to avail max benefits to the students. Basically, you’ve to attempt 30 Aptitude based questions in an hour and based on your results, you will be eligible for scholarships. You’ll get minimum 10% for sure and max 100%.

Keep checking the events page of coding ninjas to know when there is next test. Though the fee is Rs. 100 but you can get 50% discount by applying the below coupon code at the time of payment.

Coupon code – SCTYEOUJBQ (**This is code for the scholarship test only)

Click here to know about upcoming events and Scholarships tests.

Pros – Coding ninjas courses

  • Taught by well experienced team of reputed colleges and companies.
  • High quality and authentic content.
  • The things which are required according to Industry standards will be taught and you’ll be company ready after completing it.
  • A lot of questions for conceptual clarity.
  • Most importantly, it will be worth your time.
  • If you’ll perform well, you can get a chance to gain experience as a paid Teaching assistant for respective course at Coding ninjas.
  • Certificate of completion (not matters though).
  • Placement opportunities after completion
  • Demo lectures available.
  • Doubt support.

Finally, if you’re convinced to enroll in any courses, then here is the discount link for you.

Discount Link – click here

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