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Now that you’ve planned to learn programming. And had came to know about Coding ninjas courses and want to explore those, here are we to provide you the guidance and of-course the discount coupon.

Coding ninjas review


Coding Ninjas is basically a coding bootcamp where you can enhance your coding knowledge and skills efficiently. A lot of premium courses are offered in this platform which we will see later. Started in 2016, it is now one of the most popular Ed-tech startup for coding related stuffs.

Coding Ninjas courses

You can check out coding ninjas courses here – Coding Ninjas course

Also, here are some of the most frequently taken courses –

  1. C++/Java/Python Foundation with Data Structures
  2. Aptitude Preparation
  3. Competitive programming
  4. System design
  5. Operating System
  6. Interview preparation
  7. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  8. Data Science and Machine learning complete
  9. Android development using Kotlin
  10. Full stack development using ReactJS

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Scholarship tests and coupon code

Now, Coding Ninjas are conducting Scholarship tests almost every or alternate month to avail max benefits to the students. Basically, you’ve to attempt 30 Aptitude based questions in an hour and based on your results, you will be eligible for scholarships. You’ll get minimum 10% for sure and max 100%.

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Pros – Coding ninjas courses

  • Taught by well experienced team of reputed colleges and companies.
  • High quality and authentic content.
  • The things which are required according to Industry standards will be taught and you’ll be company ready after completing it.
  • A lot of questions for conceptual clarity.
  • Most importantly, it will be worth your time.
  • If you’ll perform well, you can get a chance to gain experience as a paid Teaching assistant for respective course at Coding ninjas.
  • Certificate of completion (not matters though).
  • Placement opportunities after completion
  • Demo lectures available.
  • Doubt support.

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Disney+ Hotstar launches ‘Quix’ to entertain

Disney + Hotstar Quix: Hotstar Adopts 'Itne Paise Mein Itnaich Milega'  Attitude – The Blogy

Disney+ Hotstar has launched a series of short format videos “Quix” to entertain you after the postponement of IPL 2021. It consists of a variety of genres ranging from comedy, romance, thriller, and many more. Let’s look at some shows of Hotstar Quix.

Now that the IPL has been postponed indefinitely, it is a big announcement from Hotstar in these difficult times. These short videos will relax and soothe you. Comprising of your favorite actors like Mandira Bedi, Shreyas Talpade, Vidya Malavade, Poonam Dhillon, Barkha Singh, Tanuj Virwani, Sandeepa Dhar, and many, it will be much entertaining.

It will give tough competition to YouTube short format video creators like Filtercopy, Girliyapa, RVCJ, and many more. Let’s see some of their shows…

Murder meri jaan

It stars Tanuj Virwani and Barkha Singh. Tanuj Virwani is famous for the Web series Inside Edge, and Barkha Singh is a popular figure among YouTube digital creators. The story revolves around a brilliant cop ACP Aditya and a con bride Sonal Arora. Sonal enjoys the other side of the crime world, and before marrying Aditya, she was running from the police but afterward, she helps the police to find other culprits. Meanwhile, Aditya struggles to protect her from his fellow cops as she was the biggest con bride in their area.

Teen do Paanch

It stars Shreyas Talpade and Bidita Bag. It shows a couple married for 7 years and are yet to become parents. Priyanka (played by Bag) wants a child and plans to adopt one. But the girl whom she likes has two more siblings, and the orphanage allows only when the couple is ready to adopt all three children. Life becomes miserable for Vishal (Played by Talpade) after all these responsibilities. The twist comes when Priyanka found that she is pregnant with twins. That’s how it becomes ‘teen do paanch.’

Overall, it’s a great show to watch from Quix.

Bamini and Boys

Disney+ Hotstar launches ‘Quix’, a lineup of short-form titles starring Mandira Bedi, Shreyas Talpade among others

It stars Vidya Malavade, Akashdeep Arora, Anuj Pandit and Rishabh Chadda. It is a story of three young boys from an attractive Bengali woman living in the same building. All three of them fight hard to impress her. This causes some hilarious situations as well. But in the end, everything sorts out. Filled with constant ‘Hello Boys’ from Bamini, this show will surely entertain you.

Disney+ Hotstar launches ‘Quix’, a lineup of short-form titles starring Mandira Bedi, Shreyas Talpade among others

Mukesh jasoos

It stars Poonam Dhillon, Rahul Bagga, Ruchi Malviya, Rajeshwari Sachdev. The story revolves around Mukesh jha who is a fraud Vakil. But after a strict warning from the state, he left the job and decides to become detective. Along with his friend Muktaram, he starts solving cases. But destiny has some big plans for him. Go and watch out for more plot.

Best WordPress Accordion FAQ Plugin

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It is continued portion of the previous blog in which we mentioned various factors that had effects on shaping India’s relations with western allied countries. This includes countries like US, UK, European Union, Australia, Japan, ASEAN group of countries etc. Here the term “allies” doesn’t only refers to formal defence alliance but also countries who toed their vehicle of development along with US bloc countries on the path of capitalism. Till now we had discussed factors which were deciding factors from independence to early 1970s. So continuing from there.

Civil Nuclear Test

India after tough decade of war (1962-1971), was again on path of development. India’s civil nuclear test (Pokhran 1) was a positive step towards it, making India a powerful country in the field of civil nuclear technology. But many countries interpreted it in a wrong way. US and it’s allies protested against it as they thought India is not going to stop here and will develop weapons grade nuclear technology. Seeing India’s closeness with USSR, and they always saw India as Soviet ally rather than a non aligned country. US and Canada stopped supplying heavy water(D2O) and other equipment necessary for civil nuclear energy development.

USSR again gave unconditional help to India, by supplying heavy water.

There were many other implications out of it. Those countries who were in our proximity saw it as a threat to their sovereignty, they thought if India will develop nuclear arms it will start dominating over them. But that was not the case, India has always been a responsible nation.

India-Sri Lanka  relations – messages it sent to other capitalist allies in our proximity.


India- Sri Lanka relations has been always very complicated and various steps led negative implications out of it. Special mention will be of Rajiv-Jayawardene Agreement 1987. According to this agreement India sent peace keeping forces on Sri Lankan soil to handle the problem of LTTE. What were the negative effects of it? Those were

  • India will involve in internal matters of other countries if it comes to their people. If Indian diaspora is unhappy in other weaker country , then India can send troops for their protection. The most feared out of it was ASEAN nations as they were in the proximity of India.

But it was not the case for India, we sent our peace keeping forces only after formal request from Sri Lankan government. Developed nations also saw it as a challenge to them i.e. not only they can enter other weaker nations but also a developing nation like India (it was their perspective).

End of Cold war and disintegration of USSR

As the cold war came to an end, the world became unipolar completely dominated by USA. Bloc politics also ended with it, hence cooperation with one country could not have posed threat to other. This was actual and free implementation of non-alignment that India always wanted. Western world also saw opportunities of business in India and this mutual agreement among the countries led to a good economic ties. It was also a break through point which decided India’s closeness with western countries.

Weapons grade nuclear test (Pokhran 2)

Pokhran 2

India facing twin security (China, Pakistan) in its neighbourhood saw nuclear arms as a way of creating minimum deterrence to war in the region. For this India tested 5 nuclear bombs in Pokhran test site. This step infuriated the US, Japan and other European countries. US and Japan formally applied sanctions over India for conducting nuclear weapon test. India again faced hard times as it’s two most important economic partners had applied sanctions on it. But PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee showed a strong character and gave 5 points assurance to the world which is of great significance. Those were

  • No first use policy.
  • Minimum credible deterrence.(to prevent war)
  • To develop second strike capability with massive retaliation.( We will never strike first, but if we are attacked by nuclear weapon we will make sure there is no existence of attacking country)
  • India will never promote nuclear proliferation.
  • Self imposed moratorium on nuclear weapon testing.

These points assured western countries that India is a responsible state. And again cooperation among them started.

Kargil and exposing narratives of Pakistan


Pakistan has always tried to defame India, and many western countries followed the policy of Hyphenation (i.e. what Pakistan believes is what they believe). But after the loss of Pakistan in Kargil skirmish it exposed Pakistan’s fake narratives about India that India has always been aggressor in all wars. Many proofs proved that Pakistan was the aggressor not India. Hence, the image of India further improved in the eyes of western countries.

Further Developments

There were many further collaboration that improved India’s close ties with western countries.

  • India-US nuclear deal.
  • World accepting India as victim of state sponsored terrorism from Pakistan.
  • Closeness of India and Japan
  • India’s responsible behaviour with neighbouring countries.
  • India-Japan close economic ties.

One thing that India has been suffering from since long time- “Middle Power Syndrome” we have always given priority in cooperation to  developed nations like US, UK and other developed European countries, China, Russia, Japan etc. And in this course many developing countries were left untouched and that’s not the symbol of a being on the path of development. In recent years we have tried to look in this field also, like cooperation with Australia, Brazil, Middle-Eastern countries, developing countries of Europe and South America.

So this was the end of the blog. Hope you like it. Suggestions and corrections always whole heartedly welcomed…

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Read First Part of this Blog

India and Capitalist world

India , after 1991 LPG policy ( Liberalisation , Privatisation , Globalisation ) has come closer to countries who were in capitalist bloc during cold war era. In this blog I will try to give basic idea of some incidents and policies that framed our relations with them. So basically it will include countries like US, UK, Australia, South East Asian countries etc.

Pre and post independence scenario

End of world war 2 was followed by independence of India. Earlier we were colony of UK and during world war we were automatically aligned towards the allied power. But independence gave us opportunity to figure out policies of our own choice. India under Nehru followed Non Alignment , and hence formed Non Aligned Movement, this was done to protect newly independent countries from joining bloc politics. But this move angered both the blocs (Capitalist and Socialist). USSR under Stalin was critical towards India because he wanted India to join Soviet/ Socialist bloc. But India always maintained its non aligned perspective of seeing the world. There were various reasons to follow Non Alignment, few of them were viz. Sovereignty, we got independence after struggling for many years and we knew how much important is being a sovereign nation. For a newly independent nation joining a bloc was one sided relationship in which you had to follow what leaders of bloc were doing and there was great chances of interference in internal affairs and imbalance of national interest over bloc interest. So these were few reasons that lead to distanced relations with capitalist bloc.

(Leaders of Non Aligned Movement – Nehru, Kwame Nkrumah, Gamal Abdul Nasser, Sukarno, Josip Broz Tito left to right )

1962 war with China

This incident had great impact on India’s foreign policy. The loss on Himalayan front busted the myth of impregnable natural boundary of Himalayas, but the reality came out to drastically opposite. This made us to think of modernising our military. That was impossible without cooperation and support of developed nations. Our first priority was capitalist countries like US and UK. They agreed to help us but they put up two conditions for that , India will join US bloc and India will resolve Kashmir dispute with Pakistan. These conditions were not in our interest. Firstly , we were strict follower of Non Alignment which means active engagement with all the countries according to our national interest. But joining US bloc could have stopped us from cooperating with countries even if cooperation is good for our national interest. Second , Pakistan quickly joined Capitalist bloc to put pressure on India and this was the main driving force behind the second condition. Our stand on Kashmir is always clear, Kashmir is integral part of India, Pakistan has no locus standi on it so there is nothing to resolve with Pakistan. Pakistan should leave occupied portion of Kashmir as soon as possible. This lead us to look for other option i.e. USSR.

USSR after the death of Stalin agreed to give unconditional support to India i.e. they didn’t forced us to join bloc politics. This cooperation sent hint to many capitalist nations a message that India has joined Soviet bloc but for India that was not the case. This message was very loud that it reached each and every countries those were toing their development along with Capitalist countries. This also included ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations). This group was mainly formed for cooperation in the fields of economy, security and culture. Individually they are very small nations and they lie in the proximity of India. They were inclined towards capitalist bloc and so called socialist India was threat for them. So they maintained distance from them.

Wars with Pakistan

In the year 1965, due to  rising tensions in relations India and Pakistan indulged into war. Pakistan heightened in its overconfidence that US and China will help them to win over India but failed. US never meddled in between fearing entry of USSR will lead a direct war between US and USSR. India won the war, but loss of US friendly nation sent a bad impression of India over other allies of US, it includes European countries, Australia, ASEAN, Saudi and other middle eastern countries.

(End of 1971 war after surrender of Pakistani soldiers)

Again in 1971, Pakistan after getting assurance from US and China that this time they will meddle in between and will help Pakistan no matter what happens, Pakistan started war on India. India feared of US and China entry so a very famous treaty was signed between USSR and India – India-USSR Treaty of Peace and Friendship , according to this treaty USSR promised to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity of India. This treaty was final nail in the coffin to the doubts that India has officially joined Soviet bloc and relations with Capitalist countries widened even more after this.

1971 war also brought Liberation of Bangladesh with it, along with treaty this incident also feared our neighbouring countries of ASEAN that India is a violent nation in just couple decade of independence they have indulged in 3 major wars and if you don’t cooperate with India they can divide you and this turned out to be completely wrong assumption by them.  But the message from treaty reached very loud and clear to everyone.

So these were few points that decided our relations with Capitalist nations. It not over yet I have decided to publish it in a series you can expect few more coming regarding this in coming weeks. Hope you like the blog. Pardon if any of the information provided by me is/are wrong. Suggestions and corrections are always whole heartedly welcomed.

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Indo French Relations

In recent times we saw India has inclined itself more towards western states. We have improved our ties with most of the western nations US, UK, France, Israel etc. There is a very popular quote which has been used by many leaders  – “ There is no permanent friends and enemies only permanent interest”. It is still very applicable. In past we were colony of UK, other western countries also entered India with the motive of having control over it but as of now we have forgotten everything and bilateral ties are good with them. If we take recent examples US during its mission in Afghanistan needed Pakistan’s help and hence was inclined towards them. Russia being player from the other side decided to improve ties with India and for us that was our need to counter Pakistan while it was supported by US. We were stuck in the death triangle of Pakistan, China, US. There was also anger of Pokhran Test but after few years we both felt the need of India-US Nuclear deal. This shows how the scenario changes. Our reliance on Russia isn’t hidden from the world but in  recent times we saw some of the dissenting views between us. Be it naming of Indo Pacific, Quad grouping, our relations with EU countries , US etc. So these all things led us to think of other formal support in United Nations Security Council. Today we will try to discuss can France fill the space of Russia (not discussing US for this role as we are unknown of policies of Joe Biden) that has saved us on various issues in UNSC.

Indo French historical ties

France is among the major developed countries , nuclear armed state and permanent member of UNSC ( United Nations Security Council ). Historically we had great ties with each other.

When British East India company ( EIC )came to India with the motive of dominating trade between India and other European countries, they saw a great potential of colonising it as per their evaluation India was deeply fragmented with almost negligible central control. But British were not the only to see this opportunity. France was among the competitors of Britain to gain control over India. There were various points when France stood with Indian Rulers in the fight against British power but with the same motive that EIC were pursuing. France had best relations with kingdom of Mysore during the reign of Tipu Sultan . Tipu was impressed with the French Revolution and became member of Jacobin Club. French authority helped Tipu to build modern type of army and have power in sea. This strong alliance resisted British in gaining direct control over Deccan region but this resistance was ended after the death of Tipu in Srirangapatam. After that France was cornered nearby coastal areas. But it wasn’t the end of French involvement in Indian politics.

Many of our Freedom Fighters were motivated by French revolution. The slogan of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity also dominated Indian struggle for freedom.  These ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity was also included in our Constitution. One more thing that was included was Concept of Republic.  Raja Rammohan Roy was among the great reformist persons in Indian history who helped women to get their rights via education and abolishing sati pratha. He was also inspired by French revolution.

Contemporary issues

Now a days Indo French Relation is of its best of all times. President Emmanuel Macron has shown his inclination towards India and the major driving factor for it is Indo French cooperation in defence, space, arms etc. Recently we bought 36 French fighter jets “Rafale” from Dassault Aviation a French company. In space sector we have major cooperation with CNES (French Space Agency).


France, earlier colonising country still has control over many island and nations in various oceans called overseas territory of France. Best of the rocket launching sites are assumed to be near equator i.e. launching conditions are best at the equator or nearby , here France has helped us many times. It has its overseas territory in South America called French Guiana which is almost at equator , hence they have launched many of our satellites from there.

Despite these advantages we also share political similarities. In recent years France faced many terror attacks and one of most famous Charlie Hebdo case, and recent beheading of  school teacher made French mood against terrorism a motto that India has been raising on various international forums. We can encroach more on this issue. We both are secular countries and France being a biggest proponent of it since long time, the idea of Liberty Equality and Fraternity has originated from that land. So Liberty is one of the most important issue in their internal politics, and they try to take Liberty at the maximum stage i.e. freedom of religion , freedom of speech , views etc. and sometimes when these dissect each other it becomes a major political debate (like previous case mentioned) . This led  Emmanuel Macron make laws against religiously motivated terrorism which drew mass criticism from whole Muslim world and also from within the nation. Laicite (secularism) in France  is a major issue as I told earlier they take rights seriously.

India made formal entry of France into the power struggle between India and China into the Indian Ocean. Recently France became member of IORA (Indian Ocean Rim Association) because France has a major Reunion Island in Indian Ocean and in this time both are close allies. IORA was made to for increasing cooperation among countries in Indian Ocean region and India invested heavily. For your information there are 23 members in this group France being 23rd. Pakistan and China are not member of this organisation (China is observer state). So after considering these points we can expect France to be a good ally. From 1st of January India will be in the security council as non permanent member but a non permanent

member doesn’t have as much authority that a permanent member holds i.e. power to veto. France is also a member of European Union which is as of now strongest group in world scenario which can be fruitful for India for having a good friendship with a member of that organization. 

French President Emmanuel Macron’s tenure is about to end in 2022 and in fresh elections he wants to strengthen the position of France on the world stage. He has also earned some of hatred from within the nation for his stance on issue related to terrorism. But still it’s one the most powerful and developed nations of the world and it will always be fruitful for both of India and France to have good relations with each other. It’s up to you to decide whether France can be as good ally as Russia but keep in mind India in not that weak as it used to be some times ago. So the question might also arise do we even need an ally like Russia who was once ever ready for saving us on various platforms.

So this is the end of blog. I have tried my best to give you a sort of basic information about Indo French ties. Pardon for my mistakes suggestions/corrections whole heartedly welcomed.

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World getting ready for Biden Era

After the end of US elections , there is a sense of uncertainty about how will Biden react to the current foreign policies . Various countries like India, China ,  Russia,  Israel ,  Iran ,  Venezuela are few countries that will be the most affected ones and among them Iran and Venezuela the most after the end of Trump’s presidency , some are positive of it and some sceptical of it. There is still few days left of Trump’s presidency and the whole world is observing it attentively.

Future plans

In this section I have tried to put some information regarding present situation and changes that might happen .


 Israel , a country in middle East , made specifically for Jewish community , often criticized for Israel Palestinian issue. Donald Trump , the most pro Israel US President ever , has always been in favour of Israel in his entire tenure.

Donald Trump with Benjamin Netanyahu

1. Be it Trump’s Peace plan that was even called as Peace to prosperity or Deal of Century . It was formal proposal from Trump to bring peace in the region but it’s clauses never draw the attention of Palestinians not even for a second. They straight forward declined it.

UAE and Israel deal

2. Abraham Accord , signed on 13th of August 2020. It’s a joint statement by UAE Israel and USA . It’s the agreement between UAE and Israel for normalisation of relations between an Arab country and Israel. It includes treaty of peace and maintaining formal Diplomatic relations between them.  Many Arab countries followed this , but UAE isn’t the first Arab  country to recognise Israel. Egypt in 1979 , Jordan in 1994 . Few more countries like Bahrain , Sudan and Morocco have also agreed to establish formal diplomatic relations with Israel.

It’s a trend democrat President has never been this much close to Israel , so before the end of tenure Trump can give Israel some more gifts like this .


Venezuela , quite surprising name for many of the readers but it’s one of the most negatively affected country due to Donald Trump and the reason for that is its President Nicolas Maduro . Maduro came to office of President in 2013 and his chair became disputed in the year 2019. He is often criticized for manipulating elections in Venezuela . Some of its recent developments are..

1. Venezuela being largest oil producing country in the world , it’s economy is completely dependent on it. Trump announced to automatic application of sanctions if any country is buying oil from Venezuela. It hurt Venezuelan economy . Due to sanctions India was also unable to trade in crude oil with Venezuela. Venezuelan oil is not of the best quality that’s why it’s cheaper than that of  other oil producing countries. But you need heavy investment in refinery to purify Venezuelan oil and India was capable of that. ONGC also has partnership with many oil extracting companies in Venezuela and helps them to extract crude oil. Sanctions also hit  hard ONGC’s investments there . But after confirmation of US election results , India formally asked for permission to buy Venezuelan and Iranian crude oil.

Nicolas Maduro

2. Trump also wanted to change the regime of Nicolas Maduro , even his intention were towards establishing Pro American government via Coup . In recent Venezuelan elections Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as it’s President but all the other opposition parties backed off the elections stating it’s rigged similar to the stance of US.

Its expected that  when Biden will come to power he will be softer towards Venezuela. And it will be beneficial for both Venezuelan and Indian economy. But the main reason of this hatred is due to competition of two oil producing countries in the region. For your surprise US also has huge oil reserves and it doesn’t want any competitor nearby as Venezuela is country with largest crude oil reserves world wide .


Iran , discussion of Trump tenure without mentioning Iran won’t be over. But I first of all make you all clear that , the way Iran handled US during this time and handling now worth praise . Iran is not giving any chance to downgrade their relations at worst of condition. They are confident of better condition during Biden Presidency. The major issues on which both of them are dissenting are…

Iran nuclear deal

1. Iran Nuclear Deal , signed during Obama period then Joe Biden was Vice President of America . Also known as JCPOA ( Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) signed by P5 + 1 (Iran) at Vienna in 2015 . It supported Iran’s nuclear program for its positive use. But when Donald Trump came to power he straight forward rejected it stating Iran will enrich Uranium up to weapon grade use. And he adopted the policy of complete coercion on Iran. It lead to downgrade of Iranian currency as they were not allowed to trade with other countries in US dollars.

2. With this policy came sanctions on countries buying crude oil from Iran. This lead India , then the biggest buyer of Iranian oil , to completely stop buying crude oil from Iran.

3. This lead Iran to come closer to China and China announced to invest 400 Bn Dollars in Iranian economy. Comparing it to Chinese investment in Pakistan via CPEC ( China Pakistan Economic Corridor) of only 70 Bn Dollars.

4. Chabahar port investment of India was also in danger but India was given special privilege here and in written US announced Indian investment in Iran will not be considered for sanctions which was great victory for India and Iran both. And also India’s soft power was increased within Iranian citizens.

5. Recently Iranian Nuclear Scientist , Mohsen Fakhrizadeh , was assassinated and fingers were raised on Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agency) and American Intelligence Agency. Here I will add some of my personal views . The way he was killed it shows US wanted Iran to retaliate but Iran showed some maturity and chose to wait for the end of Trump’s tenure. Biden’s earlier statements on Iran nuclear deal clearly shows he will reinstate the deal. In this decade from 2010 -12 many Iranian scientists were killed and this was the most recent.

The main fear of America with Nuclear power Iran  was always due to its location. These countries are very prone to change of regime via military coup or militancy coup. If nuclear weapons reach to those hands it can be dangerous for whole world.


Russia , often considered biggest enemy of USA , but Trump and Putin coordination worked out very well. We all know the past rivalry of  US and USSR but after disintegration of USSR alone Russia was not that much powerful to fight American aggression be it economic sanctions from US , European Union etc. Russian economy was hit hard. Some points that should be mentioned …..

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

1. Russian is one the largest source of mineral resources i.e. Crude oil , Natural Gas , various important elements like Uranium etc. But being a large landmass their economy doesn’t allow them to extract those resources. Russian economy survives on Arms selling , defence related instruments , fighter plains , crude oil etc. But sanctions have always let them down . One of the major sanction from US is via CAATSA, (Countering American Adversaries through Sanctions Act) . It invites grade 1 sanctions on Russia for selling arms and for buyers grade 2 sanctions . According to act US President can apply 4 or 5 sanctions out of many grade 2 sanctions which includes all heavy and light ones. It depends on President and the country which is buying it. Recently China bought S 400 Air Defence System which destroys all flying objects caught in its radar within 400km of range . CAATSA was applied but sanctions opted by Trump was not hard .

2. Trump tried to include Russia in his plans for the expansion of G7 group , he also included India , Australia, South Korea making it G11 . It was almost confirmed but none of the G7 European countries agreed upon inclusion of Russia into it . This proposal was also criticised by Russia after EU dismissal of proposal , that it was the move to contain China . By the way there was no objection from those countries for inclusion of India , Australia and South Korea.

Trump was even considered Pro Russian President ever , but he could never show it openly . And every American move against Russia  brought Russia closer to China . Because it needed support for its economy. Biden in his recent speeches said China isn’t US 1st enemy but Russia is. It shows he might behave harder towards Russia instead of China. But it’s better to wait and watch what American interest suits best.


China , economically 2nd after American in total GDP. Now China have reached almost 15 Trillion Dollar economy and still growing at fast pace . America being 1st at 21 Trillion Dollar economy but isn’t growing with that speed. Indian economy is about 3 Trillion Dollars . This shows how much stronger China has become.  Trump’s policies was always intended towards containing China . Some of them are..

xi jinping and Donald trump

1. China is the 2nd most powerful country after America now , recently both of them have engaged themselves in trade war/ tariff war . US faces huge deficit of almost 400 Bn Dollars . Via trade war they wanted to make sure China doesn’t uses foul methods to make US more dependent on China . As of now US is not the major manufacturing hub. It’s more of service kind of economy.

2. Quad grouping with India , Japan and Australia , US tried to contain China in Indo-Pacific region. There is also a debate what name should be given either Indo-Pacific due to Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean , or Asia-Pacific . China promotes the later one as stating Indo-Pacific name doesn’t includes who Asia hence ignores China.

3. Freedom of Movement for trade had become an important factor of dissent. China always claimed whole South China sea as it’s territory . Hence for few time US deployed it’s Aircraft carriers in the region to maintain the order according to UNCLOS ( United Nations Convention of the Laws of the Sea).

There are many issues on which both seems to have dissenting views ,it can never be mentioned in few words. But Chinese government expect  Biden to be more liberal towards them. Biden always stood against the trade war. Chinese disliked Trump for his unpredictable behaviour in that case even if Biden doesn’t show softness towards China predictability is the thing that Chinese get in their favour but what actually happens is still to arrive to us.


India , in this blog I have mentioned India many a times. In the globalised world action in one corner affects the results of another corner. Similarly , as US is the global power and recently have been very close ally with India . We share various fundamental level pacts with US like LEMOA , COMCASA etc. during Trump tenure it was the best ever period of India US relations .

Narendra Modi and Donald trump

1. But India had to face some problems , like sanctions made us not to buy oils from Venezuela and Iran . We also have our huge investment in these countries which was hit hard.

2. We purchased S 400 air defence system from Russia and US never gave India clearance from sanctions on this purchase. Delivery of this system is still few years away but the threat of sanctions on this multi billion dollars deal. But the purchase is done , the manufacturing has started , if we get immunization from sanctions similar to that we got in Chabahar port issue , it will be great victory for us.

3. In recent statement our foreign affairs Minister , S Jaishankar , said Trump blocked India-US trade deal. India was dead serious about signing the trade agreement as we enjoy trade surplus with US. But some of India’s demands were neglected like GSP ( Generalised System of Preference) it benefitted us below the trade of 6Bn dollar and our traders were used to of this system. But Trump was the person to oust India from GSP list .

4. Under Trump’s Presidency USTR (United States Trade Regime) removed India from the list of developing countries which barred us from taking many benefits in trade as a developing nation.

5. But not everything that US done economically was wrong for India ,  American trade war with China gave India opportunity to attract many MNCs to shift their manufacturing centre from China , hence many companies like Samsung , Apple etc. chose India for this.

So in this blog I have tried to summarise the Trump’s tenure and relations with many countries and what changes will might be possible. Future cannot be predicted in any sense . It comes with so many possibilities just we can do is to hope for best. Again I will say a single blog is never enough to mention whole ocean of foreign relations , everyday there comes new possibilities and changes . At many points I have put my own opinions also so that a new to this can also understand these links . Hope you liked the blog. Pardon if any of the information provided by me was wrong. Comment your views . Suggestions and corrections always whole heartedly welcomed .

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अधिकतर पंजाब, हरियाणा के किसान विरोध में सबसे आगे क्यों हैं?

बीते कुछ दिनों से हमारे देश में 2 महीने पहले पास कृषि बिल के विरोध में किसानो का प्रदर्शन जारी हैं I खासकर इस आंदोलन में पंजाब और हरियाणा के किसानो में बढ़ चढ़कर हिस्सा ले रहे हैं I पुरे देश से किसानो ने दिल्ली चलो का एलान करते हुए 26 नवंबर (भारतीय संविधान दिवस) के अवसर पर दिल्ली में प्रदर्शन करने की योजना बनायीं I  लगभग देश की सारी किसान संगठनों ने इसका समर्थन किया | खासकर पंजाब और हरियाणा  से आ रहे प्रदर्शन किसानो के जोश को देखकर हरयाणा सरकार , जहां बीजेपी की सरकार हैं I उसने  भारी संख्या में ट्रेक्टर ट्रॉली के साथ आ रहे किसानो को कई जगहों पर COVID – 19 का हवाला देते हुए रोकने का प्रयास किया I इस क्रम में पुलिस वाटर कैनल और यहाँ तक पुलिस ने सड़क भी खोद डाली ताकि किसान हरियाणा नहीं पार कर सके I लेकिन तब भी किसानो का जोश काम नहीं हुआ और हरियाणा पुलिस की बैरिकेडिंग को हटIते हुए हरियाणा-दिल्ली के बॉर्डर जा पहुंचे I वहां भी उन्हें COVID-19 का हवाला देते हुए दिल्ली पुलिस जो की भारत के गृहमंत्री श्री अमित शाह के अंदर आती है वो किसानो को रोकने का काफी प्रयास किया I वहां पुलिस में पत्थर की  बैरिकेडिंग के साथ-साथ लोहे के कटीले तारो को भी लगा रखा था जो कटीले तार जो कश्मीर में पथरबाजो को रोकने के लिए उपयोग की जाती हैं I किसानो और दिल्ली पुलिस के बीच देर मस्कत चली जहां पुलिस में आंसू गैस के गोले का भी प्रयोग किया I लेकिन आखिरकार अंत में किसानो को 27 नवंबर के शाम में  दिल्ली के बुरारी क्षेत्र के निरंकारी समागम ग्राउंड में प्रदर्शन की अनुमति मिल गयी I पंजाब की राजनीती देखते हुए आम आदमी पार्टी और कांग्रेस ने अपना समर्थन किसानो को दिया I हाल में ही प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने भी किसानो की अस्वासन दिलाने की कोशिश अपने मन की बात कायक्रम में की और साथ में गृहमंत्री श्री अमित शाह ने भी किसान यूनियन को बैठक करने की बात की लेकिन किसानो ने इस प्रस्ताव को ठुकरा दिया | किसान यूनियन का कहना है की बैठक में शामिल होने के लिए उन्हें ये शर्त रखा जा रहा है की वो जो किसान हरियाणा- दिल्ली बॉर्डर पर आंदोलन कर रहे हैं पहले वहां से हट जाये | इस शर्तो को नहीं मानते हुए सारे किसान यूनियन ने बैठक करके इस प्रस्ताव को ठुकरा दिया | 

कब कैसे और क्यों हुयी इस आंदोलन की शुरुआत ?

सितम्बर माह में भारत सरकार कृषि बिल पास की जिसके विरोध में पंजाब के किसानो 24  अक्टूबर को 10 जगहों पैर रेल की पटरियों पर प्रदर्शन शुरू किया जिसके कारण पैसेंजर ट्रैन के साथ-साथ माल गाड़ियों की सेवाएं पंजाब में ठप हो गयी I कुछ जरुरी चीजों जैसे कोयला की सप्लाई बंद हो गयी जिसके कारण पावर कट की समस्या होने लगी I

21 अक्टूबर को किसान यूनियन ने एलान किया की अब रेल रोको कम्पैन बंद कर देंगे और फिर से माल गाड़िया शुरू होनी चाहिए लेकिन भारतीय रेलवे ने इस बात को नहीं मानी क्योकि रेलवे का मानना था की पैसेंजर और माल गाड़िया एक साथ शुरू होगी I पंजाब गवर्नमेंट ने सेंट्रल गवर्नमेंट के बिल को over rule करते हुए 3 बिल अपने विधान सभा में पारित किये , लेकिन बहुत लोगो जो संविधान का अच्छा ज्ञान रखते हैं उनका मानना है की ये बिल निश्चित नहीं है की कानून में तब्दील हो पायेगी  I इसके बाद ही किसानो ने दिल्ली चलो का एलान कर दिया इस कम्पैन को शुरू All india kisan coordination committee ने किया , और लगभग 500 किसान संगठनों ने समर्थन दिया I

क्या है किसानों की प्रमुख मांगे ?

1. सेंट्रल गवर्नमेंट जो बिल सितम्बर में पास किये है उसे वापस ले I

2. MSP(Minimum support price) निर्धारित की जाए जो किसान गवर्नमेंट से लिखित देने का मांग कर रहे हैं I 

3. Electricity amendment bill को हटा ली जाए जिसके कारण उन्हें बिजली बिल में राहत मिल सके I

4. Stubble burning के लिए जो कानून बनाये गए हैं उनको हटा ली जाये जिसमे 3 साल जेल और 1 करोड़ तक की जुर्माना हैं I

5. जिन किसानों को stubble burning के जेल हुआ उनको रिहा कर दी जाये I

इस आंदोलन में हरियाणा और पंजाब के किसानों की भारी संख्या होने की कुछ मुख्य कारण हैं:

MSP(Minimum support price) का फायदा ज्यादातर पंजाब और हरियाणा की किसानो को ही होती हैं I MSP 23 फसलों पर लागू होती हैं , पर हमारी सरकार ज्यादातर गेहूं और धान MSP पर खरीदती  हैं |

करीब 30% गेहूं और धान MSP पर खरीदी जाती हैं | जिन राज्यों में हरित क्रांति की शुरुआत थी | उन राज्यों की किसानो को ज्यादा फायदा होती हैं | ये राज्ये मुख्यतः पंजाब , हरियाणा ,पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश हैं |

 55% से ज्यादा इन ही तीनो राज्यों से गेंहू और धान सरकार MSP  पर खरीदती हैं |एक रिपोर्ट के अनुसार 2018-19 में गेंहू हरियाणा से लगभग 80% और पंजाब से लगभग 73% MSP पर सरकार द्वारा ख़रीदा गया था |

Source: Hindustan Times | Feb 2018

पंजाब और हरियाणा के किसानों को ही क्यों MSP से ज्यादा फायदा होती हैं ?

1. दूसरे राज्यों में Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) मंडी की कमी हैं जिसके कारण सरकार MSP पर फसल ज्यादा नहीं खरीद पाती हैं | M. S. Swaminathan जिनका हरित क्रांति में महत्वपूर्ण योगदान था | उनके अनुसार APMC मंडी करीब 80 वर्ग किलोमीटर में होनी चाहिए और किसी भी किसान के 5 किलोमीटर की रेडियस में एक मंडी होनी चाहिए | इन तीन राज्यों (पंजाब , हरियाणा ,पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश) के अलावा और किसी दूसरे राज्यों में आसानी से मंडी नहीं मिलती है | दूसरे राज्यों के किसानों को मंडी तक पहुंचने में  ज्यादा दूरी तय करनी पड़ती हैं | उदाहरण के लिए बिहार में सरकारी मंडी 2006 में ही बंद कर दी गयी थी | यही कारण है की बिहार चुनाव में इस मुद्दा पर चर्चा नहीं हुयी |

Data reported as on 20.12.2019

2. अन्य राज्यों में धान की खेती काफी कम होती है | ज्यादातर राज्यों के किसान धान की खेती बेचने की मकसद से कम करके अपने ही इस्तेमाल के लिए ज्यादा करते हैं | इसलिए MSP  का महत्त्व इन तीन राज्यों (पंजाब , हरियाणा ,पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश) के लिए ज्यादा हैं | एक रिपोर्ट के अनुसार 2016-17 से 2018-19 के बीच तीन सालो में सरकार पंजाब और हरियाणा से क्रमश: 89% और 85% उनके द्वारा उपजाई गई नॉन बासमती चावल खरीदी है बल्कि यह प्रतिशत आंध्र प्रदेश और पश्चिम बंगाल में क्रमशः 51% और 11% हैं |

What is One China Policy ? Taiwan Issue

China and Taiwan ? Are they one China?

If we organise a poll of most used country name in recent time the result we are all sure about is China. Officially known as PRC (People’s Republic of China) is a East Asian country and currently second biggest economy in the world. Few words that comes in our mind when we hear the word China – Non Democratic, no freedom , authoritarian , CPC i.e. Communist party of China and many more. The reason for so much popularity of this China in recent days comes due to dissent with US.  Communist regime has a common trend that they follow “ appeasing population by expanding area”. China too falls in that category. There is blurry image of China in mind of most of us that is just because of lack of information, these situation arises in issues such as Tibet, Hong Kong , Taiwan and How Communist party came to power in China. The last two are completely intertwined . So let’s begin…

History of China from “China to PRC”

I will try to make bullet points in chronological order.

1. Qing Dynasty , ruled China for long time , but like other regions people became fed up of foreign influence of colonising countries and their greed. This created internal revolt atmosphere and nationalism flowing in air like nowhere else.

2. Sun Yat-sen

Sun Yat-sen

,also known as father of modern China , was one the leaders pushing for republic and democratic China. His three principles were San Min Chui , each have their own meaning , Nationalism , Democracy and Socialism respectively. Under his leadership many republic revolution occurred. After revolution the country fell into great turmoil. At this point of time two organisations namely Guomindang (National People’s Party) and CCP (Communist party of China) emerged as the major force for uniting the country.

3. Chiang Kai-shek

Chiang Kai-shek

, the name which has lost its mightiness now , but then he lead Guomindang and launched many military campaigns to silent dissenting voice in the nation and consolidate feeling of  Nationalism and unity. He was great supporter of secularism and this worldly Confucianism ( Confucius has as great stature as Kautilya for India ) .  He always aimed for eliminating Regional rulers and communists.

4. Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

, a communist leader , founder of Maoist ideology, led Socialist Revolution in China  in 1949 stating Guomindang has betrayed and never fulfilled the needs of the peasants and workers. This started a great peasant movement or better to say Communist movement and threw Guomindang out of power and forcefully usurped the power.

5. As a result of that Chiang Kai-shek had to flee the country in 1949  with available country treasure to the island of Taiwan

China and Taiwan

at that time it was earlier under Japanese Imperial control but World War ending had some other plans and Taiwan was returned to China . There Chiang Kai-shek led the foundation of ROC ( Republic of China ) . ROC formally joined United Nations ( UN ) as the collective representative of RoC and Communist China. Communist China was named PRC ( People’s Republic of China ) and they claimed they are the sole representative of China . But lack of formal documents of power transfer was their drawback it meant CCP are illegally ruling the region.


6. The main turn in history took place in 1971 , when PRC diplomatically won over RoC and on Oct 25 , 1971 , A resolution was brought to UNGA ( United Nations General Assembly ) .  The resolution was named Restoration of lawful rights of People’s Republic of China , also known as UNGA Resolution 2758.

UNGA Resolution 2758

If you ask about my personal views about this declaration , I would say recognising PRC was a good move but “ Unrecognition of ROC government” was drastic step. This lead to leaving no scope for a earlier country to make diplomatic relations with any countries in the world.

7. This resolution meant Taiwan is part of China , but hitherto Taiwan has succeeded to maintain informal relations with major countries like USA , India etc.

8. So now it’s easy for you all to understand what is One China Policy , most of the countries accepted one China policy as PRC didn’t seemed any future threat to world. This list includes countries like USA India Pakistan and all major countries. Only few countries in the world recognise it as a nation and only major among them is Holy See (administration of Vatican City) .

New Developments in this Issue

There are many reports stating China will be doing a military action for acquiring Taiwan. Global Times , mouth piece of CCP, many times had tried to threaten Taiwan. Recent reports have stated that Taiwan might sign a defence pact with US , which will allow US to enter directly in the matter , a defence Pact means that it will be responsibility of US to protect Taiwan from Chinese aggression. This issue also has relation with result of US elections.

In this blog I have tried to make things clear for you. It’s the need of the hour for all of us , Indians to know about this as we and PRC had openly confronted at various fronts , so diplomacy will allow us some extra space to counter Chinese aggression. Hope you liked the blog . Will seek pardon if any of the information mentioned wrong and suggestions wholeheartedly welcomed.

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