Adventure of an IAS aspirant

Adventure of an IAS aspirant

In the fast moving world, where most of the population want wealths but there are still many people who aspire for power. In a democratic country like India, there are several ways of gaining power. one of them is becoming an IAS officer.

In our childhood, we all have been told atleast once that IAS officer is the king of district .he can do anything he wants to do. He virtually king of the district .It seems sarcastic when we are partially mature but the maturity is when realize this isn’t just a job or 8 hrs duty to attend but a huge responsibility to perform.

There are large no. of aspirants for this post and each of aspirants gets few chances but very few get selected. Those who don’t believe that they didn’t have that X-factor that achievers had. But most of them have not proper answer for the question “What is X-factor”.

Do we have X-factor in us

Today, we are gonna discuss about that X-factor. If we try enlist these, then there is no single factor that decides someone’s selection. The presence of several factors in proper combination makes a X-factor. The factor that makes someone special are routine, habit, timing, self-belief, and the thing which is always wrongly bluffed i.e motivation. In my point of view, there is nothing called motivation, I doesn’t has it’s own existence. Routine, habit, timing, etc , these types of things are discussed but not in proper manner. When we talk about routine, it doesn’t means that you should pen down your study for each and every minute. Habit not only means habit of reading newspaper and timing doesn’t only mean sleeping or awakening. In my point of view all of them are interchangeable. you should not only of proper timing of sleeping but also habit of it. In the same way only habit of reading newspaper not enough but timing does matter. If you are able to coordinate with each of them and having proper patience then not only IAS exam, whole life will move swiftly. But nothing can be better motivator than these 3 words practice ! practice ! practice !.

Hope you all love reading this. These are my experience that I have gained personally and by other great achiever of life like M.K Gandhi, APJ Abdul kalam, etc.

At end its better to be a good human than a bad IAS officer.

Manik Prasad

My name is Manik Prasad and I am a learning teenager aspiring for UPSC , so I am here to share some of my experiences and challenges regarding this field.

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